Our experiences with competitions began in 2006 at an international dog show in Opole where one Beagle breeder encouraged us to take part in hunting events.

And so we did, taking Caruso to his first competition! Of course, with no prior training, all he could chase were roes and hares. During the competition we were told how to contact Artur, a hunter near Warsaw. Caruso was difficult to train for competitions, as he had already had the habit of running freely in the woods. After weeks of training, we went to another competition in Mazuchy. Caruso won his first I degree diploma. The adventure with hunting has continued…

Hunting competitions are friendly events organized in breath-taking and peaceful locations. In hunting, it is the dog that plays the leading role - they must pick up the trail and show unforced obedience. Once the work is over and the judges count the points, it's time for awarding prizes and diplomas. The competition ends with everyone enjoying a common feast.

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