Beagle puppies La Lu Riqueza FCI

in Cosmopolitan Magazine!


We were chosen to
 great fun, we had a photo session with the stars of Polish show puppies from our kennel.

Kamil Czarnecki (dancer from the TV series "Dancers") almost announced to all and sundry his delight about the wonderful character beagle puppies, in Cosmopolitan magazine says: "A warm looks, sparkling eyes and a feeling that all else does not matter - this is the crux of sensitivity." Marcin Krajewski (also a dancer from the TV series "Dancers") says: "The sensitivity can change the toughest in the sweet boy. Awakens in people,  what they most beautiful. "About Marcin Kwaśny (an actor on the show "Studs on Giewont") Cosmopolitan expresses: "Sensitivity is kissing, fondling,  and buying flowers ..." and Raphael "Roofie" Kamiński (dancer, star of "You Can Dance"): "this feeling of waking up in me when I see something delicate, fragile - as these dogs from the session. "


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